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  • <Fortune Favors the Viscount: The Wagers of Sin

    Fortune Favors the Viscount: The Wagers of Sin

    The final book in the Wagers of Sin series! Nick Dashwood meets his match. Read Chapter One now!

    <Desperately Seeking Duke, The Ultimate Epilogue

    Desperately Seeking Duke: The Ultimate Epilogue

    The final word in the Desperately Seeking Duke story, from the hills of Scotland and the potteries of Perusia and even the wilds of America to the corridors of Carlyle Castle. Now in audio as well as print and ebook!

    Desperately Seeking Duke, book 3.5

    <All the Duke I Need

    All the Duke I Need

    She's the duchess's ward, an heiress and a lady, and she needs someone to run the Carlyle Estate. He takes the job, on a bit of a lark and only for one year. They might just drive each other crazy—if they weren't falling for each other.

    Desperately Seeking Duke, book 3