Fortune Favors the Viscount>
The Wagers of Sin

<My Once and Future Duke> <An Earl Like You> <When the Marquess Was Mine> <Fortune Favors the Viscount>

Desperately Seeking Duke

<About a Rogue> A Scot to the Heart All the Duke I Need

About a Kiss How the Scot Was Won Desperately Seeking Duke: The Ultimate Epilogue

The Scandalous Series
The Truth About the Duke

<I Love the Earl> <One Night in London> <Blame It on Bath> <The Way to a Duke's Heart>

The Reece Family Trilogy

<What a Gentleman Wants> <What a Rogue Desires> <A Rake's Guide to Seduction>

Other Novels

<What a Woman Needs>


<At the Duke's Wedding> <At the Christmas Wedding> <Dressed to Kiss> <At the Summer Wedding>


<When I Met My Duchess> <Map of a Lady's Heart'> <A Fashionable Affair> <Will You Be My Wi-Fi?>

Short Stories

<Like None Other> <Written in My Heart> <A Kiss for Christmas>